As the second day of the conference comes to a close, we’re tracking the names and positions of the biggest movers and shakers on the crypto scene, and giving you the chance to take a virtual seat at the table.

The second day in the crypto world has been pretty interesting so far. The crypto market has recovered some of the losses on Day 1 and has been on a moderate uptrend, although some coins are in a downtrend. Some of the top movers of today are Dogecoin, which is still trading in the green, and the rest of the top 20 on CoinMarketCap are in the green as well. Currently, the cryptocurrency market cap is around $115 billion, so it is still below its all time high of $122 billion but is on the right path to get there.

And we’re back! Join us live for an in-depth look at the hottest topics of the day in cryptocurrency news, and see who has jumped into the market and who has been eliminated.

Here’s a live update of the biggest movers and shakers of Day 2 Some of the most influential cryptocurrencies led the second day of Bitcoin 2021 Miami, offering words of wisdom about the future of decentralization, privacy and financial inclusion. Day two began with a discussion of bitcoin’s macro landscape, with Mark Yusko, founder of Morgan Creek Digital, highlighting the destruction of the dollar by the Federal Reserve’s endless money printing. Thirty-nine percent of all dollars were created in the past 12 months, he said, adding that the U.S. dollar is the largest shiatcoin of all. After a lively debate on bitcoin and monetary policy, legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk talked about what happens when counterculture becomes mainstream. It was very fast, it was international, to me it was the future of finance, he said of bitcoin. I bought bitcoins in 2012. Tony Hawk Pro Hodler – @tonyhawk – Cointelegraph (@cointelegraph) June 5, 2021 Hawk then took to the halfpipe to demonstrate some of his legendary skills. Bitcoin and skateboards can be a cool combination. Tony Hawk took the #Bitcoin2021 crowd outside to show off his skills – Cointelegraph (@cointelegraph) June 5, 2021 The Nakamoto stage also hosted a panel discussion entitled Moral Reasons for Bitcoin, in which investor, educator and Texan Jimmy Song spoke about the importance of property rights: The right to own property is the most fundamental human right….. Without the right to property, there is no other right. The right to own property is the most fundamental human right….. Without the right to property, there is no other right. – Jimmy Song #Bitcoin2021. The moral case for bitcoin with @GuyHirsch, @Breedlove22, @jimmysong and @TheCryptoconomy. – Cointelegraph (@cointelegraph) June 5, 2021 Lightning Lab’s co-founder Elizabeth Stark and leading macroeconomic analyst Lynn Alden spoke on the same stage earlier in the day in a session titled Bitcoin for Billionaires, Not Billionaires. Billions of people around the world have no access to financial services. Bitcoin is extremely important, Stark said, adding: We’ve heard a lot of negative things about bitcoin, but I’m really excited to bring this technology to people who may not have been approved on Twitter and don’t even speak English! Every 10 years or so the national debt takes a new toll, said Alden, who added that we need to focus more on the uses of bitcoin, not just its appeal to investors. …bitcoin as an asset, bitcoin as a stock, but we need to focus on leverage. – @LynAldenContact – Cointelegraph (@cointelegraph) June 5, 2021 The next topic of discussion on the Nakamoto stage was building a ubiquitous Bitcoin infrastructure, led by Mike Novogratz, CEO of Galaxy Digital, and Charles Cascarilla, co-founder of Paxos. Bitcoin is already the most widely held asset outside of the US dollar, said Novogratz, who added that he is very optimistic about the adoption of cryptocurrencies by institutions. I am very optimistic that this goal (institutional implementation) will be achieved. It will take time, but I’m optimistic about this area. – @novogratz – Cointelegraph (@cointelegraph) June 5, 2021 Cascarilla spoke about the incredible potential of bitcoin beyond just price growth: The possibilities with bitcoin are just incredible, and they’ve only just begun. Don’t focus on the short-term price, but think about the long-term implications. – Charles Cascarilla – Cointelegraph (@cointelegraph) June 5, 2021 Follow Cointelegraph on Twitter for a full review of Bitcoin Miami 2021. And don’t forget to read our report on the first day of this historic event. This article is updated in real time.If you’re new to the game of cryptocurrency investing, then you’ve probably heard of the term “hodlers” before. This refers to people who have held onto their crypto assets, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, through thick and thin. Day 1 of Consensus has started, and the list of notable speakers continues to grow. There’s no doubting the importance of this event, but there’s also no denying that it’s not without its risks.. Read more about penny stock movers and let us know what you think.

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