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The Grateful Dead’s “Once in a While” art series is back for the first time since 2015, and this time, it’ll be going to the highest bidder. The series was created by Jerry Garcia, who founded the Grateful Dead in 1965 with a group of friends, and it features custom artwork of his and fellow band members’ heads in various colors and styles. The “Once in a While” series was first introduced in 2014, and featured a royalty-free license to use the image. The first iteration featured the top row of the Grateful Dead skull as a multi-colored t-shirt, and the second had the bottom row as a multi-colored beach towel.

Fans of the Grateful Dead and cryptocurrency enthusiasts have something to be excited about with the news that the official Jerry Garcia art will go up for auction as a non-fungible token (NFT). The item, which is a painting of a single rose done by Garcia in 1986, has been described as a masterpiece in the art world and is expected to fetch a high price. In fact, to be sold at auction for the NFT, the art is expected to get $1 million, according to the auction house, Brooklyn-based Knockdown Center.

‘Once in a While You Get Shown the Light’— Jerry Garcia Art to be Auctioned as an NFT for $1 Million – Bitcoin News

The late former Grateful Dead guitarist Jerry Garcia will sell rare works of his art as collectible non-flying tokens (NFTs). NFT is a digital work called Gift and is marketed by the Jerry Garcia Foundation, a non-profit organization that supports environmental, artistic and humanitarian causes through the beauty of music and art.

One picks up what the other spills

The 5th. In May, the Jerry Garcia Foundation auctioned off a new NFT piece, The Gift, an artwork by the late Grateful Dead guitarist. The Grateful Dead is a famous American psychedelic rock band that formed in 1965 and toured until 1995, playing approximately 2,350 concerts.

Additionally, the Dead had a huge fan base, known as Deadheads, as thousands of people followed the band around the world. Jerry Garcia, the Dead’s lead guitarist, was not only an extraordinarily popular musician, but he also engaged in the fine arts.

NFT named Dar (pictured left), Jerry Garcia, leader-guitarist of the Grateful Dead band, who died in 1995 (pictured right)

‘Once in a While You Get Shown the Light’— Jerry Garcia Art to be Auctioned as an NFT for $1 Million – Bitcoin News

Garcia’s work, which went on sale Wednesday, is on the NFT Superrare.co exchange, and the Jerry Garcia Foundation wants 309 ETH. At the current Ether price, Garcia’s 309 ETH donation is currently worth over $1 million. Superrare’s seller is @jerrygarcia, and the author’s description tells a little more about the Dead guitarist’s life. According to the SF Chronicle, the Jerry Garcia Foundation plans to donate a portion of the proceeds from the NFT auction to coral reef conservation.

Night watch, day watch… If you are confused, listen to music

The auction house Superrare has also written a description of the NFT.

As soon as we land, it greets us from the blue sky and the fluffy surf cloud is heading our way. We see the welcoming face of Dar, the visionary and smiling interstellar being. It plays on a staff, a generalized description of the notes of the NFT.

The summary of the grant continues as follows:

We experience His colorful revelation of giving and receiving in a range of shades of the rainbow – purple, red, orange, yellow, green and blue. We experience the gift as a sense of gratitude, an uplifting vision perceived through tangible abstractions. Familiar shapes and geometric figures adorn his clothes. The gift is played by ear.

2021 has been a phenomenal year for digital artists and creators at NFT. In the last seven days alone, there have been 127,393 sales worth $321 million, according to nonfungible.com’s market history. Moreover, many personalities, celebrities and others have jumped on the NFT bandwagon. Bitcoin.com News recently reported on Eminem’s hip-hop phenomenon NFT and a set of rare photos of Kurt Cobain that have been turned into collectible NFT.

As for Jerry Garcia NFT, there is currently a bid for the artwork of 35 ETH or $122,000 at the current Ether exchange rate. The bid below this price is 4 ETH or $14k for NFT art.

What do you think of the Jerry Garcia NFT auction at Supercar? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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